This is not a story telling thing. It’s a true story, think.

I’m telling you, there’s an empty space in my heart. To fill it, I have to feel it. But I don’t. Not yet, maybe. I always pray to Allah there’s someone perfect for me. You don’t have to be perfect because I’m also not one. May the imperfections complete us both. Now, I misssssss all my friends. Those time when we learn ABCs and Alif Ba Ta together. Those friends that we grow up together. Playing together. Spending precious time together. Those bffs that I met during those day at university. It was back in 2007. Spending time going to Taman Tropika, Jusco Taman U etc. Right now, I will miss this person. Terribly. She’ll getting married soon. And I will lose another my bff. I heart you my friend. Missing you missing me. To all my friends, happy friendship day. Everyday is a friendship day.

When all of you get married, I won’t forget you. And when I’m getting married, I really hope no one will forget me too. I have this one dream. Having my outdoor photoshoot at U** field. And having all my friends with me on that beautiful day.  True friends are those who come to us when the whole world has gone out. Do I have the whole world as my best friends? I don’t even want to think about that.

-…………………………………………………………Ditulis dalam nada bercelaru dan seperti tiada rasa mau pulang ke kampung minggu ini. Kenapalah?-


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