patience and me.

What happened this morning had really push my patience to the limit. But then, I think I’m still on the right track (wrong track-macam kau lari lepas tu salah masuk trek orang. Maluuu!!!) Maybe I should change the strategy. Yes. Strategy. Be more friendly?No. Be more energetic? NO. Be more strict or ‘garrrang’? NOOO. I don’t know. Maybe I’m a way toooo lenient. I never tried to take their heart a.k.a ambik hati diorang. I’m just being me. Well, dear ******, we’ll see what I’m capable of doing after next week!Hiyaaah..bertukar menjadi Otromen!!!

This entry is very unmotivated. Here I am. Confused. This sunny Friday morning, I hope and pray so that everything’ll be better for the future.

Fight or flight anyone? I’d rather choose flight. Take a flight to Japan and spend the rest of my life there. So sweet. No lah. ‘Fight or flight response’. Its how your body respond when something happened, or when you’re stressed out of your mind. Either you fight or you run. Right now, I’ll choose run. Goodbye.


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