10 things i would never forget forever

I use broken English for this entry. What to do. My lidah jawa is so thick that i cannot let go of the Manglish slang. Or Jawanglish slang. I don’t know.
10 things i wouldn’t forget. The lists are:

1. I will never forget the night when my ‘semangat waja tak kena tempat’ came, and i wait for a bus in front of the biggest carlsberg factory at shah alam. Don’t know either there’s a bus or not. Alone, in the darkness of the night. With all those PATI looking at me. I buat berani. It’s a gamble. And luckily I survived until now. With KUASA TUHAN, I managed to come home safe and sound. There’s this kind ‘uncle bus driver’ show me the way. I believe ALLAH helped me by sending all these kind people to help me.

2. I wait for the bus to go to Seremban at Larkin Bus Station. Alone, at night (well, quite tipu, because there’s lot of people, that i don’t know). And i waited from 4am until Subuh at Terminal One. I am very tekad when it comes to balik kampung. tsk.

3. The scene where i showed my beloved ones my pmr result. I hope it can be rewinded and I can watch it so many times.

4. The night I got my sem 2 matrix result. And screamed happily to my beloved ones and planned to further study in selangor. I ended up studied in Johore.

5. Those times when I went back from school, eat and sleep. And go to school, go back, eat and sleep and go to school…

6. Those times when I had to balik asrama back. I will cry. Or feeling down. I really like staying at home. It happens until now. RUMAHKU SYURGAKU no matter how it is.

7. The day when my inferiority complex came, and i decided not to go to the PAC. At INTIM, Kemaman. I gave up just like that. I lied to myself. My motto is ‘Just Do it’. By not going, i lied to my motto.Dahlah tiru NIKE punya trademark..

8. The day when the doctor told me, in front of me, that my mak can only live up to one year only. The cancer cells had spreaded everywhere. I want to cry. But i could not. My mak had managed to live more than 1 year. Happily. Until the day she came back to the CREATOR. OUR CREATOR.

9. There is this thing i regretted very much. I couldn’t went home when my parent asked me for. That Saturday, I was too exhausted with works. I never say ‘I CAN’T’ before when it’s about going back home. And that night, my mother leaves us forever.

10. My younger sister and I, we’ll never forget the day we helped to memandikan jenazah arwah mak. It was only a tiny little thing compared to what your mum had sacrifice for you. Whatever the situation is.

Dear friends or foes(i wonder is there any?) out there, love ALLAH first, then your FAMILY-ayah-ibu-adik beradik. Some of them maybe the blacksheep of the family or what-so-ever. But, blood is thicker than water. Carik-carik bulu ayam mesti sambung jua. I rest my case.


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