While waiting the iTunes syncing songs & photos into my iPod, i read (belek-belek) one of my all time favourite novel, entitled ‘Laskar Pelangi’. (not mine actually, i kind of borrowed it from somewhere..). one of andrea hirata’s novels. i love both the novel and the movie..and always keep wondering why it didn’t came out in malaysia’s cinema. it’s such a pity. (maybe those people never think anything else but RM..). you have to read it, and i’m sure you’ll love it. watched half of the movie, can’t wait to finish it..thx to k.syikin for downloading the movie, let’s share the joy & pain of laskar pelangis & filicium decipiens). 

      filled with science, ‘thriller’ and simple yet deep and meaningful words. those words..whenever i read it, i’ll make sure i didn’t missed any words (in some situation though, i can’t help falling asleep..)

     And the most important part is, it’s all about childhood memories and how all the characters grow with those memories. childhood memories, it’s something that i’ll never forget. (that’s why i start keep my memories remain).and guys, i’m sure each & everyone of you hv your own childhood memories. sweet, sour, bitter memories are part of the ingredients that made us who we are now.

    Don’t cry over spilt milk…if you feel sad & depressed, you just have to stand up, no matter how hard life is. life is full of ups and downs, either you go up or you go down. And, just go straight, don’t belok2!..(well, in some situation you hv to pusing a little bit though,..>__<)


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  1. Assalamualaikum again met here,

    guess what? i never read this andrea hirata’s.. ops maybe non of his books. but i ever touch and “belek-belek” many times here and at medan as well. i wonder why didnt have any eager to read as how i do with kang abik’s books. Maybe its doesnt suit me well.

    But then, its’ movie somehow one of the best indo’s film and spiritually motivated.

    p/s: what a broken English i used here. Hahaha.


  2. nahwanNur : i love kang abik’s novels too. Anyway, next time u go to Medan, don’t forget to invite me okay! nak g jalan2 over the sea!

    janna : itu cerita lama janna..bile yek?? bile2 pun boleh asal ongkosnya ada..waduh2..hihi

  3. i was…just a few month…the movie was great…

    kagum ngan buk muslimah..lintang.ikal and all of them..

    hope i never late to respond here..hihi

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